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Countries Covered 

Principal Focus Regions 

Japan  (Energy supply & demand, energy imports)

China  (Energy supply & demand, energy imports)

South Korea  (Energy supply & demand, energy imports)

Eastern Russia  (Energy exports to Asia)

Australia  (Energy exports to Asia)

India  (Energy imports & exports & oil refining capabilities)

Thailand  (Energy supply & demand, imports & exports)

Singapore  (Pricing/Storage/Refining Capabilities)

Indonesia  (energy supply & demand, imports & exports)

Taiwan  (Energy supply & demand, imports)

Mongolia  (Nuclear waste storage capabilities)

Malaysia  (Energy supply & demand, imports & exports)

Myanmar  (Energy exports to rest of Asia)

Secondary Focus Regions

USA  (Energy exports to Asia & policy comparisons)

Canada  (Energy exports to Asia)

Middile East  (Energy exports to Asia)

EU  (Energy exports to Asia and energy policy comparisons)

South America  (Energy exports to Asia)

France  (Nuclear capabilities)

Germany  (Policy comparisons & Renewables capabilities)

Scandinavia/Nordic  (Renewables capabilities including geothermal)

Africa  (Energy exports to Asia)

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