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Mission Statement & Specific Services Provided 

Build a sustainable economy through efficient sourcing and use of energy resources, based on independent and reliable financial and economic analysis, with particular emphasis on Japan and non-Japan Asia.
  • Power & Electricty: International comparisons, bench-marking structure

  • Sourcing and negotiation of upstream energy and resources assets

  • Analysis of various renawable energy technologies

  • Financial and economic analysis for energy based decisions

  • Macroeconomic and geopolitical analysis for energy investments 

  • Cross-border advice and country comparisons 


  • Optimal mix of energy sources: Nuclear, Thermal, and Renewables

  • Pricing and risk anaylsis including Feed-in-Tariff structures 

  • Country risk analysis & Projects 

  • Financing and capital introductions

  • Energy conservation (Industrial, Commercial, Residential, Transportation)

  • Foreign exchange and real estate analysis for energy based investments 

  • CO2 emissions and targets and impact on energy policies 

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